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Day out for BBS Westerburg

Day out for BBS Westerburg

On 22 March 2019, a group of construction mechanics trainees from the vocational college BBS Westerburg visited EWM to learn the theoretical and practical basics of welding.

First order of business was a round of introductions, where the trainees and EWM got to know one another.

Afterwards, the group delved right into theoretical instruction, with Tim Höller explaining the basics of MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding to the students, focusing particularly on tigSpeed.

After the theoretical training, the students were divided into four groups.

Martin Weber demonstrated and explained to the groups how to properly weld MIG/MAG, TIG and micro-plasma and which processes are used for which applications.

At the same time, two other groups took a tour of our plant 2b. After lunch, the groups traded places.

All in all, the day out was a complete success for the trainees and for EWM.







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