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  • Course set for expansion: EWM AG announces strategic partnership with Armira

Course set for expansion: EWM AG announces strategic partnership with Armira

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Course set for expansion: EWM AG announces strategic partnership with Armira

Connected through shared company values


Course set for expansion: EWM AG announces strategic partnership with Armira


Overcoming today’s challenges, ensuring steady further development and securing the long-term future of the company group: This continuous effort to steer the global EWM Group towards the future is top priority for the Szczesny family, the family behind EWM. Working closely with Armira, the shareholder family is able to lay the perfect foundations for continuing the extremely positive development that the company has seen in the past few years.


Based in Mündersbach in Germany’s Westerwald region, the EWM Group is one of the global market leaders in welding technology. To support its planned further growth worldwide, the Szczesny shareholder family has opted to include Munich-based holdings company Armira in the company group as an additional shareholder. This is the next logical step in EWM’s strategy for the future that it is currently pursuing. Building on the image of “hidden champion”, the company is consistently growing to become an internationally attractive, highly innovative and in-demand employer.


“Through our cooperation with Armira, we have created a secure future for both employees of the EWM family and our locations,” explains Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, President of the Executive Board of EWM AG. “Now we’re writing the next chapter in EWM’s success story. With Armira, we have a highly experienced and reputable partner by our side to strengthen our company. We’re excited to be able to shape the future of the EWM Group together with Armira.”


Munich-based Armira is partnered with a wide range of other companies and family businesses, all of which hold traditional company values, just like the Szczesny shareholder family. Armira invests in leading family-run and technology SMEs. In addition to their particularly long-term, reliable focus, the extra shareholder brings a high degree of international expertise and, more importantly, shared values to the partnership.


“Thanks to their large corporate network and wealth of experience, with Armira, we get a partner that can provide all the support we need in both our national and international expansion, and help us to overcome the latest challenges around the world, such as the digitisation of processes and products,” explains Susanne Szczesny-Oßing further. “Our shared values of trust, transparency, responsibility and reliability also played a significant role in our decision to partner with Armira.”


Armira’s interest in developing mutual long-term perspectives was also key for EWM’s shareholder family. “Ultimately, the choice came down to these co-shareholders as they also met one other crucial criterion: EWM gets to keep its autonomy, even in the future. All decisions have been and will continue to be made in the interest of the EWM family. The transaction is still subject to approval under anti-trust law,” outlines Susanne Szczesny-Oßing.


Date: 18. August 2022

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