Bransje: Stålkonstruksjon

Game, set and match in all aspects of welding technology

Ebner wanted to update all of their welding technology. Four welding machine manufacturers stepped up to the challenge set by the industrial furnace manufacturer. In the end, Ebner welders, maintenance staff and welding coordinators opted for

Welders at Ebner require a high level of flexibility: The range of materials is just as extensive as the range of components processed by the company. Industrial furnaces can quickly reach the size of a house, making them immobile. As a result, there are no standardised working areas in which the same setup can be used each time. Instead, welders are faced with new challenges for each task, working directly on the component with their machines and constantly changing location and position. This flexibility, the ability to deal with unique constraints in the working area and good welding machine manageability were all on the list of customer requirements.
EWM AG stood out from the competition in three crucial aspects: the system concept and the complete range of welding machines, the flexibility in its welding processes and the impressive service. These ultimately resulted in EWM being chosen to take on the job. Welders must often switch between different welding processes. This makes it all the more important for a machine to be able to cover the whole range of tasks – for MIG/MAG as well as TIG welding. As well as two wire feeders, the machine is equipped with two wire rollers, two welding torches and two shielding gas cylinders. If the task changes, the welder only has to change the welding torch. The machine takes care of the rest at the push of a button.
The welders made their decision based on the easy handling of the machine and welding torch, the good accessibility, the process safety of the machines and the interference-free wire feed. Dealers were able to make significant savings through the reduction of setup costs by up to 50%, thanks to the much longer service lives of power and gas nozzles. EWM decided to take on the challenge at all levels. EWM is now the only manufacturer of welding technology whose machines are used at Ebern – even in the latest generation.