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User-friendly and high-performance

User-friendly and high-performance

Smart, robust and sophisticated with digital connectivity – EWM continues the XQ series success story, introducing TIG welding machines in the power range from 230 A to 600 A. Whether modular or demodular, the configurable machines from the Tetrix XQ series can be adapted to any task for a welding experience that’s more digital, more universal, and more personal. The machines are also user-friendly and boast increased efficiency with lots of clever little details. The result: a new TIG welding experience that ensures optimum, reproducible results.


What makes the new Tetrix XQ machines from EWM so special? The new machines are extremely energy efficient and offer high process reliability alongside improved operating comfort, allowing users to adapt to the relevant welding task. Users can also choose between various rated outputs from 230 A to 600 A for DC or AC/DC welding processes and take advantage of an above-average duty cycle. The Tetrix XQ machines come with many different smart TIG and MMA functions to make the welder’s everyday work across a wide range of applications even easier. They are also compatible with gas or water-cooled welding torches and an extensive selection of accessories to ensure perfect configuration.


Easy operation and digital networking

Users benefit from smart controls that are easy and intuitive to use – even when wearing welding gloves (no touchscreen). In addition to the tried-and-tested Comfort 3.0 control, the new Expert 3.0 with high-resolution 7-inch colour display is also available for visual support when setting parameters. Users can reload pre-programmed welding tasks using the five favourites buttons. EWM has also created the Xbutton, which grants individualised access to the ewm Xnet welding management system. This innovative system makes Industry 4.0 a reality – for welding companies of all sizes and orientations. The advantages are obvious: improved networking of products and people improves efficiency and quality, reduces costs and saves resources at the same time. The welding management system offers tangible added value throughout the entire value chain thanks to intelligent monitoring and transparent processes in planning, production, quality management, welding coordination and preliminary/final costing.


Functional casing and custom configuration

The demodular machines from the Tetrix XQ series come with a robust, practical, crane-liftable casing with large wheels. The wide tread width also keeps the machines sturdy, even on inclinations of up to 15°. What’s more, the casing system can be customised with torch holders, containers for welding consumables or other useful components. Additional features help to improve work processes. One of the best features of the Tetrix XQ series is the freedom to adapt the machines to the individual welding task. Whether you’re using a dust filter, the TIG 450 GRIP RETOX XQ welding torch, robust ram protection or multiple holders for hose packages, welding torches and welding rods – Tetrix XQ welding machines can be custom configured to meet all your needs, however special they may be.


And when it comes to choosing the right welding machine, the EWM team is on standby for advice and tips. Customer-focused service and extensive consultation are at the core of the EWM company philosophy, after all.


For more information, please visit the EWM website.


Date: 18.03.2022

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