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Welding technology management in just one system

It goes without saying that modern welding technology should deliver higher productivity and quality whilst reducing costs. Much more relevant today, however, are welding management systems...

POLLRICH manufactures industrial fans. These fans ventilate tunnel systems, department stores or entire airport terminals with air. In the (petro) chemical, wood or concrete industries, they also transport abrasive and aggressive substances. For such safety components, all documentation requirements must be complied with in order to satisfy all quality assurance and traceability requirements.
ewm Xnet is EWM’s welding management system. It supports, monitors, and documents a component’s entire production process – from work preparation to product costing analysis. All welding data and consumption values are recorded in real time and the welding results can be analysed, controlled and managed. Xnet also provides support in component management, the creation of subsequent welding plans and the allocation of welding procedure specifications. These can also be managed and, if necessary, even individually created. And last but not least, individual monitoring of the welders’ test certificates as well as the allocation of individual access permissions are also features of ewm Xnet.
“Xnet makes it possible to manage all of our welding technology in just one system,” enthuses Thorsten Wirtz, welding coordination personnel and Head of Quality Assurance at POLLRICH. As the welding machine, wire feed system and welding torch are all from EWM, data exchange within the system and between components is perfectly coordinated, making work with Xnet easy, fast and secure.