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Minister for Climate Protection Katrin Eder visits EWM

Minister for Climate Protection Katrin Eder visits EWM

“In today’s world, manufacturing companies have to recognise sustainability as a primary factor for success. This includes always looking around for further optimisation potential. That’s why we were thrilled about the opportunity for an exchange with Katrin Eder”, said Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, CEO of EWM.


Katrin Eder, Minister for Climate Protection, visited EWM on 31 August, 2023 to find out about sustainability. We were able to show her how we at family-run EWM have developed over the past few decades and help manufacturing companies weld in a more climate-friendly way while saving money at the same time.


“In the field of industrial production, welding is absolutely essential. With their innovative products, EWM demonstrate that resource-conserving and energy-efficient technologies developed in Germany are able to compete in markets around the globe. Maximum efficiency in energy and resource consumption is an important aspect of climate protection which also results in cost savings. That’s something we all benefit from.” said Eder, Minister for Climate Protection.


Our commitment to sustainability can also be seen at our factory premises in Mündersbach. We generate our own energy with our own co-generation power plant: its waste heat supplies our heating grid and incidentally also provides the new building and existing buildings with heat. We’ve also electrified our fleet of forklifts and added additional electric vehicles to the company fleet. At present, six charging stations with twelve charging points can already be found on our company premises. In future, we’d like to outfit the roof surfaces of the factory buildings with a solar power system following completion of the structural analysis.


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Katrin Eder for the exciting exchange and visit!



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