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EWM AG reaches jury stage of German

EWM AG reaches jury stage of German

The German SME Business Award (German: Großer Preis des Mittelstandes) is one of the most coveted business awards in Germany. Every year, the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation awards companies throughout Germany which are dedicated to sustainability, innovation, customer service and which play an important role in their respective regions. And among the 2019 nominees is Germany’s largest manufacturer of arc welding technology, Mündersbach-based EWM AG, after successfully reaching the jury stage following their initial nomination.
This year’s competition motto is “Business made Sustainable” and as the competition enters its 25th year, the format remains the same. Dedicated companies that demonstrate both exceptional innovation and outstanding services to their employees and respective region are hand-picked by the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation from more than 5,000 candidates in 12 competition regions. The Foundation also evaluates the role of the business in society.
EWM AG was initially nominated by IHK Koblenz and the Westerwald branch of the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (Business Development Agency) and has now successfully reached the jury stage of the competition. This means that EWM has mastered the second of three hurdles standing in the way of taking home the prize, beating thousands of nominees. As Germany’s largest manufacturer of arc welding technology and one of the country’s most prominent international suppliers, EWM’s impressive market position was a deciding factor in their selection. A family-run company since its foundation in 1957, EWM supports both small and medium-sized workshops as well as large industrial clients in all matters regarding welding technology. EWM develops innovative, customised and sustainable complete solutions and is well-known in the industry for the high quality of its products and services.

One of the largest employers in the region
EWM sets itself apart through its commitment to the environment, the industry and its employees. Training and development for its employees is particularly important for the family-run company. In its Mündersbach headquarters alone, EWM employs around 400 employees, making it the largest employer in the Westerwald region. And it’s here that the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of arc welding technology as a world leader in technology. “As a family-run company from Westerwald, we have always focused on sustainability and being environmentally conscious,” explains Bernd Szczesny, Chairman of the Executive Board at EWM AG. “We’re happy to reach the jury stage of the competition after our nomination.”
Dated:   11.06.2019
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Cover picture:  Image source: EWM AG
Opened in 2019: the new 1,800-m2 EWM AG office building at the headquarters in Mündersbach. The welding technology manufacturer is one of the largest and most modern employers in the region.

Image source: EWM AG
The Szczesny family, who run the company, and Christian Usinger (Assistant to the Managing Director of EWM AG) at the opening of the new EWM office building in 2019 – from left to right: Wiebke Szczesny-Bersch, Bernd Szczesny, Christian Usinger, Stefan Szczesny, Angelika Szczesny-Kluge, Michael Bersch, Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, Michael Szczesny and Jan Szczesny




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