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EWM introduces expandable MIG/MAG welding machines

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EWM introduces expandable MIG/MAG welding machines

Whether it’s production, construction or working on the hull of a ship: different working environments present different challenges when welding. That’s why EWM has developed new modular versions of its Phoenix XQ puls, Taurus XQ Synergic and Taurus XQ Basic MIG/MAG welding machines, providing welders with even more convenience and customisation. This new solution allows users to put together exactly the right additional components for their daily work activities.


With the modular versions of the Phoenix XQ puls, Taurus XQ Synergic and Taurus XQ Basic, it’s all about user customisation. While the power source remains at the heart of the machine, other parts of the welding machine are not permanently installed and can be freely configured. This means users can pick and choose which wire feeder or what cooling they prefer to use for their daily tasks. Customers can also retrofit their machines as needed, gradually completing their set-up with new modules, such as a new cool50-2 U40 cooling unit for water-cooled welding torches, or with one of three different trolleys, which have all been designed for particular areas of application, such as construction sites or workshops. The wide range of user-oriented accessories – including a toolbox and cover lens for the control – also gives users the freedom to adapt their modular XQ series machines to any working area.

The modular machines are also space-saving and lightweight, offering more mobility and flexibility.


“The modular design is even more focussed on user comfort and convenience. In addition to high process reliability, maximum operating comfort, a long service life and low resource consumption, the new modular machines retain all of the best qualities of the XQ range, no matter the combination,” explains Robert Stöckl, Executive Board Sales at EWM. “As with previous XQ machines, users can save and reload their set operating points using the favourites buttons, meaning they don’t have to constantly enter their preferred welding parameters every day.” The Drive XQ and new Drive XQ IC 200 are both available for wire feeding for the decompact welding machine, which comes with a separate wire feeder. Weighing in at just 10 kg, this wire feeder is perfect for work in hard-to-reach places, and the user is further supported in these working areas by the machine’s robust, resilient design.


The modular versions of the XQ welding machines are also compatible with the ewm Xnet welding management software. This software solution supports, documents and analyses the entire production process, from work preparation to final costing, all completely paperless. This makes quality assurance even easier and allows users to extensively evaluate any welding parameters used for a job after the fact.


The modular Phoenix XQ puls, Taurus XQ Synergic and Taurus XQ Basic will go on sale from 18 October.


For more information, please visit the EWM website.


Date: 07 October 2021

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