Industry: Rail vehicle construction
Welding processes:

Up to 60% savings thanks to narrower preparation angles

Fewer weld beads means a shorter welding time. This requires a lower heat input, which in turn limits welding distortion and the need for subsequent straightening work. In total, this can lead to savings of up to 60% on wages and material and energy costs –

The challenge:
Higher quality with simultaneously lower costs is one of the most common customer requirements. That’s why welding engineers at Siemens are always on the look-out for opportunities to save in the area of welding technology. This is where EWM came in. As part of a DVS Congress, explanations by EWM welding experts on new arc types and future-orientated approaches to production impressed Siemens. A demonstration date was then agreed at the Congress.
The solution:
EWM’s innovative forceArc welding process stands out thanks to its reduced-heat, directionally-stable and powerful arc, which can achieve large penetration depths and reduced undercut at the same time. This also allows the welder to considerably narrow the preparation angle, with reductions typically from 60° down to 30°. This in turn means there is less pre-weld work. This arc angle also significantly reduces the number of weld beads, saving both welding time and materials. More important, however, is the lower heat input. Lower heat input means far less welding distortion and subsequent straightening work that would be required.
The success:
Working time is slashed thanks to the narrowed preparation angle creating fewer weld beads. What’s more, less gas and power is needed for the welding machine as well as lower heat input, leading to less distortion and subsequent post-weld work required. All this was experienced by Siemens through the use of the innovative forceArc welding process. In addition, the welding process is largely spatter-free and significantly cuts welding fume emissions, preserving the welder’s health and minimising post-weld work. Altogether, the switch to the innovative forceArc welding process at Siemens saved them a total of 60% on wages and material and energy costs – a true economic success.