Industry: Steel construction
Welding processes:

Every function accessible on the welding torch – Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH 2019

At Ebner, the specialist for heat treatment technology and industrial furnaces, based in the Austrian city of Leonding near Linz, welders are able to weld large sections with components sometimes reaching the dimensions of a standard detached house. The PM welding torch RD3 X from EWM doesn’t just save welders all the toing and froing.

The challenge:

For the components welded at Ebner, the weld seams are often situated up to five meters above the ground. The welders are always provided with ample safety equipment, but once they’re up there, they want to weld, not climb.

The solution:

With the PM welding torch RD3 X by EWM, the welder can make changes to the machine control from their welding position The action radius between the welding machine and the welding torch can reach up to 50 metres. What’s more, the welding torches also come with improved ergonomics and are lightweight with a balanced design and integrated signal light to light up dark working areas.

The success:

“Being able to change parameters on the torch itself, without restriction” is one of the main advantages of a PM welding torch, according to Christian Gruber, Ebner’s welding supervisor. The welding torch also features long-lasting consumables with the contact tip, significantly reducing consumption and replacement times, as well as saving on their related costs.