Anniversaries 2023

Anniversaries 2023

They have been working in our company for several decades: 42 employees were honoured for their many years of service.


Mario Pfeiffer is celebrating a very special anniversary, having been at EWM for 35 years.


Peter Schönberger and Holger Klett have been loyal to EWM for 30 years.


Winfried Hahmann, Stefan Giebl, Nils Bajohr, Linda Altgeld, Thorsten Erdnüß, Jutta Petersdorf, Willi Wiens, Nicole Löhr, Jiří Šimek, Petr Kocián and Zdeněk Vašata look back on 25 years with the company.


Kevin Sandmann, Simone Aller and Jana Krajdlová are happy to celebrate their 20th anniversary.


Olaf Brandstädter, Evelin Lange, Claudia Feierabend, Veronika Klein, Volker Simon, Frank Hoffmann, Peter Willamowski, Johannes Rosbach, Roland Hase, Wei Xin, Miroslav Fojta and Ye Pai have been part of the EWM team for 15 years.


Ralf Eichelbeck, Christoph Bartels, Andre Riehtmüller, Moritz Beib, Özlem Tasdelen, Alex Zou, Johannes Haider, Zuzana Vorlíčková, Vladimír Kobzík, Jan Vaněk, David Matoušek, David Melichar, Švec Vojtěch and Toralf Pekrul have already been with EWM for 10 years.


To all those celebrating their anniversaries, thank you for your many years of commitment and loyalty. We look forward to the years ahead and our continued collaboration!



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