Challenges caused by a shortage of skilled workers at our reference customer Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH led to a complete restructuring of their chassis production line. Chassis, also known as the undercarriage, refers to a vehicle’s load-bearing parts. As early as 2018, Hüffermann switched to EWM machines for its entire welding production line. Satisfied with EWM welding machines, they chose to go with EWM again this time. This time, our automation expert EWM-Euen supported the company in planning and implementing an automated chassis production line. The lorry trailer manufacturer based in Neustadt (Dosse) in the Brandenburg region of Germany now manufactures 16 skeletal and container trailers using the EWM-Euen system every week, almost doubling its production.
Want to read more about how this automation solution was deployed? You can find the full reference customer story here:





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