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Geschwister Scholl school uses EWM complete solution. Vocational students are being trained with ewm Xnet

The Geschwister Scholl school, a competence centre for business, care, social services and technology in Leutkirch, is preparing its students for a future in Industry 4.0. To that end, Anton Netzer, technology instructor in the metal construction department, uses the Welding 4.0 solution by EWM AG in Mündersbach.

La situation de départ :
Industry 4.0 is currently a hot topic for all businesses within the world of metal construction. Many companies are already working with networked processes and using state-of-the-art welding machines and digital management solutions. The Geschwister Scholl school was faced with the challenge of preparing its students for this new reality and training them accordingly. “We want our students to learn the technologies that are offered in companies,” says Netzer. However, until 2020, the school only had access to step switch-controlled machines.
La solution :
The school’s technical arsenal of nine welding booths was upgraded with Welding 4.0, the EWM complete system for welding. It includes state-of-the-art welding machines and the digital quality management system for welding, ewm Xnet. The future construction mechanics and construction technicians training here now work with the EWM inverter welding machine Tetrix 230 for TIG and the Titan XQ puls for MIG/MAG and MMA. In addition, the multi-process welding machine provides the trainees directly with all the innovative XQ welding processes by EWM.
La réussite :
The modern EWM complete solution has completely changed training at the vocational school. Students now learn on the same machines that they use at their training companies. What’s more, the system with ewm Xnet also detects parameter changes immediately and signals these to the user. Anton Netzer takes advantage of these features for his training: “We can weld and then immediately look at the data together, analyse it and complete it. Where are the mistakes? Where is room for improvement?” explains Netzer.