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Sales during corona times

Sales during corona times

Our very own Sales Director and Board member Robert Stöckl was asked about the difficulties facing sales during the ongoing pandemic as part of an interview for the latest edition of the MM MaschinenMarkt magazine.

The interview tackled the new challenges and responsibilities that arose as a result of the first major lockdown. Mr Stöckl took this opportunity to talk about working from home, virtual meetings and short-time work. “Everything was manageable in Germany. The challenge was coordinating all of the other countries,” explained Robert Stöckl in the interview.

When asked “Can you even sell welding technology virtually?” Mr Stöckl explained that buying a welding machine is similar to buying a car. The customer wants to test the welding machine beforehand, and the look and feel of the machine are crucial. The products need explaining. That’s why selling exclusively online is just not possible.

Another important question was what he wanted to get out of the current pandemic. Here, there was a clear focus on the Internet. “Customers often don’t have a great connection for web conferences. That’s not acceptable! We need broadband connections for all,” Mr Stöckl says in the interview.

You can find the full interview here:

URL: https://www.maschinenmarkt.vogel.de/zufrieden-kann-ich-nicht-sein-a-1012860/


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