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Gebrüder Stahl is working with EWM.

TIG welding is faster than MAG welding

Gebrüder Stahl GmbH in the Sauerland has, for the most part, replaced its MAG welding with TIG welding. With tigSpeed, the wire feeder for TIG welding, the Wenden-based company has increased its welding speed and quality when welding heat exchangers and cooler bundles.

The challenge:

With a diameter of up to 3 metres and a length of up to 30 metres, heat exchangers have an individual weight of up to 35 tonnes. High-alloy special materials are used here that require appropriate welding fillers when welding nickel-based alloys. The weld seams must be x-ray proof. However, these materials also have a tendency to form hot cracks.

The solution:

The use of tigSpeed reduces the heat input during TIG welding. This prevents hot cracks and increases the weld seam quality. The low welding speed is also increased through the use of tigSpeed by EWM. As with MIG/MAG welding, for the wire feeder for TIG welding, the filler material comes from the spool. Here, an additional movement can be superimposed on the continuous wire feeding, which feeds and retracts the wire.

The success:

Higher, even seem quality at higher speed, saving materials, energy and work time – Operations Manager Carsten Schröter is very pleased: “The EWM machines are the perfect match for our company. The greatest benefits are the flexibility, the short set-up times and the position-independent welding result.”