Industry: Steel construction
Welding processes:

Top quality in continuous use at Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG

The family-run Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of longitudinally welded stainless-steel tubes. Schoeller’s customers have the most demanding requirements for their products. To meet these requirements, Schoeller has been relying on EWM AG welding machines for around 25 years – and successfully so.

The challenge:
Schoeller has had special demands of EWM welding machines for many years. The welding machines run around the clock in three-shift operation, sometimes even four-shift operation. In addition, the walls of the tubes are becoming thicker, which in turn increases the current load of each individual machine. Driven by innovation, the Hellenthal-based company in the Eifel hills is always working on the development of its product portfolio in line with the demands of its customers and the market. And Schoeller customers from car manufacturing and industry hold its products to the highest standards.
The solution:
Schoeller has been relying on EWM’s inverter technology since 1995. The high-quality manufacturing of their products is made possible by modern machinery. If there is a change in what is required of the machines, EWM reacts immediately. “EWM also invests a great deal in its own research and development, which allows us to drive innovation together,” Stefan Fink explains. Schoeller has a testing facility where it tries out new EWM technologies. As a result, Schoeller now uses TIG plasma technology, whereas before it only used TIG welding.
The success:
EWM has worked with Schoeller to customise the welding machines according to their own specific requirements. The company’s decision to start manufacturing fuel rails in 2008 was eventually put into practice in collaboration with EWM, and now Schoeller is Europe’s leading producer of these tubes.